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    Well its 6 am saturday morning and I am heading out on sand lake with some glow in the dark lures. Got some herring for pike, hope to catch and release the big one(Char or Rainbow). By the way, wind chill is -18.

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    Tell us how you did!

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    Well it wasn't great fishing but I did catch three char 12-14 inches and missed a couple of bites. One of the char had big teeth marks on it, I sure would have liked to catch the fish that did that to him. That is the 3rd char this year with large teeth marks on them this year. Anyone have a good spot to catch those toothy critters here?

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    The last time I was out there I came in the back side where those 3 channels are. I went right to the middle one and started setting tipups in 4 feet of water out to about 7 feet. There were 3 of us and we had one tipup and a pole each. Caught one 20" pike on herring and 5 char on shrimp and eggs. Released all but the pike. This morning my son and a friend and I tried to head out to figure 8 for some pike action but we made it to the river crossing about 10 miles back following the powerline and ice jams and low water levels made it impossible to make it across. In fact we got two snowmachines down the bank through alot of nasty ice and then couldnt make it up the other side. After about an hour of trying we finally got back out the way we came in and headed for home. Does anyone know of an easier crossing?? It was definitely an adventure!
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