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Thread: new to alaska and looking for a hunting partner or advice on where to hunt

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    Default new to alaska and looking for a hunting partner or advice on where to hunt

    i am in the army and stationed at fort. richardson and next season will be my first season here. i have a black lab who does well huinting waterfowl and i also am training a lab puppy to hunt also. i am not trying to take anyones hot spots, i can care a less if you take me to your hot spots or not i just want to get out and hunt and try to shoot a few birds. i have decoys that i might have sent up here or i might just buy new ones. i have calls but i am not the best. i would really like to find a good hunting partner or if you dont need a partner id be happy just with some advice on where to go.

    send me an email if your interested,, or you can text or call, 530-370-6064

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    Welcome to Alaska.

    This forum is full of the basic info on where to go in your area. There are even specific details on the main local spots. There are no hot spots on the road system near Anchorage so you don't have to worry about that. Places that were hot spots 10 years ago are now filled up with hunters.

    Search on here for hay flats, jim creek, swan lake, 20 mile and that will cover the basics for what is easy to get to. Its a good way to spend the winter and spring planing your summer adventures getting to know the local marshes.

    There are very few spots to shore hunt from, so most of us use boats.

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    20 mile is a great option for a walk in hunter.


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