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Thread: Caribou Hunt (Dalton)

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    First of all just like to say Ive been here in Alaska for almost five years now and read the forum for advice all the time. Love the site. Here is my question to you guys I hope you can brighten my spirits...haha Been planning a Dalton Highway hunt for this up and coming August for awhile now. Ive missed 4 out of 5 hunting seasons up here and I really wanna to take my first Alaska big game this year. My best friend is coming up from up from West Virginia to join me and were stoked...haha We try to get some sort of hunting trip every year. From hogs to deer whatever the oppurtinity brings and the time of the year. Well Ive researched the forums and every article I can get my greedy hands on. Talk to every person I know that has hunted the Dalton and we have decided to hunt it with rifle condsidering it looks like are odds are higher. Phyically it will be harder but this might be my last chance to get to do this hunt. Well since we still have a little time was wondering if any of you guys knew any good unguided or reasonable guided caribou hunts before it gets to close? Money is key for us... I wish I was loaded and could fork out the big bucks but thats not possible. Just was wondering maybe you guys might know a website I couldnt find. Plus Ill take all your recommendations. Pros and cons are more than welcome. Thanks Everybody!!!

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    The Chicken hunt (RC860) isn't bad, seems that a guy that has access to 4 wheelers and a willingness to walk a bit can score with very high success. This year we connected early and the meat is the best 'bou I've ever had. Drawbacks... You're not alone and the season can close early although with the dates pushed to late August, the chances are less for a slaughter.

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    pop into the BOW hunting forum... there are TONS of threads on the dalton there... lots and lots of info already...
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