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Thread: Stepping up to a heavier arrow?

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    Default Stepping up to a heavier arrow?

    Been pondering shooting heavier arrows for better accuracy and quieter shooting.
    Just curious what others think about doing so - and also how - just buy some heavier shafts and go?

    Now shooting Gold Tip, XT Hunter 5575. Just buy some 7595s and go?

    Shaft Size / ColorWeight GR/INSpineLengthO.D.I.D. Weight@29'' Rec Point Weight

    5575 Black 8.2 .400" 32" .295" .246" 237.8 gr. 85 - 100gr

    7595 Black 8.9 .340" 32" .300" .246" 258.1 gr. 85 - 125gr

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    Last year I was shooting a CX maxima 350 W/steel force 125gr. phat heads and i shot a nice 130 "whitetail @ 20 yards and hit the opposite shoulder and didn't get a pass through. I was devastated it was the first animal i have ever lost. I looked for 3 days for that deer. I know that is part of bow hunting, but i wanted to do everything in my power to not let that happen again. I started doing alot of research on line about penetration. I came across a study by DR. Ashby from alaska bowhunting supplies. they are great reads and highly recommend checking them out. their is so much more then just adding weight but where you add weight. i now shoot an easton Axis 300 w/ 75gr brass insert and 125 gr mangus stinger 2 blade = 526gr. total arrow weight. I couldn't be happier with this setup. complete pass through on both my elk and deer this year. With the increased FOC my 2 blade broad heads fly with field point accuracy 60 yards. check this link out it is great.

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    I shoot both a 470gr Easton FMJ and a heavier Goldtip Ted Nugent 7595(10.2gpi) 580gr arrow out of my bows. The 580gr has 19% FOC, using a 100gr brass insert and a 2 blade 150gr Magnus stinger broadhead. Hits HARD. Haven't used it on a critter yet but I know it will penetrate deep. Might be slow but sure its hard. stickerslinger posted a great link above, Ed Ashby has some great articles to read about heavy arrows, FOC and such.


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