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Thread: ice fishing Lake Louise

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    Default ice fishing Lake Louise

    I'm planing on Ice fishing and camping at louise in April. last year I did and had a lot of fun, with the exception of the night spent at the lodge. The owner was nice and the room was cheap but it was nasty to say the least. This year I plane to go back however, I'm planing on camping out and I wont have a snow michening. I do go camping and sking alot in the winter. I was thinking of takeing the skis and going a few miles then spending the night but I cant think of any spot around the lake to camp thats not privet land other than Army point. Does any one know of a place. I'll pull my gear in a sled and pack it on my back therefor the tent will be small and I wont have a cot so camping on the ice is not whet I wont.

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    Which lodge did you find nasty? I can guess but that would not be fair. Camping at those temps when you don't have to (especially alone) is a bit scary to me.

    Remember that there are at least 4 lodges and I believe a bed and breakfast on or near the lake.

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    Lake louise lodge has cabins for rent, i felt the accomodations were just fine. You might try skiing over to little louise, it's a little more secluded and the fishing is good too.


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