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    I am looking to ride trails out to Figure Eight Lake. Can anybody shed some light on where the best trailhead to do so is at? I have done a little research and am coming up with Point Mackenzie Road near the jail... I have only been down that way a couple of times and am not all that familiar with the area.

    Thanks for any help!

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    hi your right the trail from point mckenzie you park on the left side in the borough parking lot there is a fee site
    then you pull out of there to the right and follow the natural gas pipeline trail about 8 miles then there is state marked sign
    for figure 8 lake you turn to the left and from there im not for sure of the trail because i always go on out
    to alexander
    but trail should be easy to follow because i know alot of people fishing out that way some taking off tonight

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    Follow the gas line and start looking for a trail marker on the left after 8 or 8.5 miles. Then follow the trail to figure 8 another 7.5 miles. Trails good, you'll cross a couple small lakes and go past the high voltage lines to figure 8. Just stay to the most used trails.
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