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    I have been reading thrombin Mike's book trying to find an area to hunt and the forty mile river looks appealing due to the road access at both ends thus cutting costs. My question is with the ease of access how crowded will it be and is the chance of success going to be that much less than a more remote river. I am planning on hunting moose with possibly a chance of black bear or caribou.

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    depends on the stretch of river you'll be dropped. The areas nearest the roads will have traffic on it, whereas the headwaters of most forks will have only a few groups on them. The easier ones should have more traffic and the more challenging sections have fewer hunters. Expect anywhere from 2-4 parties on any one stretch over a 10-day period. One reason for this prediction is that the hunting season for moose is only 10 days long 8-17 sept. Concentrated dates means groups can't spread out as much.

    40-mile country is big though, with lots of room to give each other some leap-frog distances to spread out. Once you're on the ground and start encountering other parties, work together with them to provide some country between yours and them. It seems to work out in the end, but set your expectations accordingly and you won;t be so disappointed.



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