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Thread: 25 hp 4-stroke Merc

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    Default 25 hp 4-stroke Merc

    Thinking of buying a used lund with a 25 4stroke Merc w/rope start.
    Are there any provisions on this motor that would allow it to charge a battery/run a small bilge pump or fishfinder?
    Primary use would be Kenai river but thinking of nearshore fishing around Homer/Seward would be fun, just want to have a couple of electronic items to make it more accomodating.

    Also thought that a deep cycle marine battery would be enough (fully charged from home or vehicle) to run a small fishfinder/bilge pump for a day or two.


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    Well, just checked the Merc website and found that the 25 has got a 15 amp alternator to allow the fuel injection to operate so I'm guessing that the same alternator can be put to work running other stuff? Don't want to screw anything up or fry the alternator by attempting to be an armchair marine electrician!
    Any ideas/opinions/help will be appreciated


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