View Poll Results: Which boots have worked best for your sheep and goat hunts?

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  • Lowa

    11 14.10%
  • Meindl (Cabelas or AJ Brooks)

    37 47.44%
  • Schnees

    0 0%
  • Hanwag

    1 1.28%
  • Danner

    9 11.54%
  • Asolo

    3 3.85%
  • La Sportiva

    5 6.41%
  • Plastics (Scarpa,Koflach)

    11 14.10%
  • Whites

    1 1.28%
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Thread: Sheep/Goat Hunting Boot POLL

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    Default Sheep/Goat Hunting Boot POLL

    This topic has come up a lot on many different forums lately and this is as good a place as any to get some definitive votes. Lets leave out moose and bou hunting boots if they are different than what you use for sheep and goats. I'll try to include the most common brands so no one is left out since several companies that dont get a lot of advertising also make great boots.My vots has been for Cabelas Meindls Alaska Hunters for the last 4 years but I did pick up a pair of the Lowas when they were on sale.

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    Glad to see that you included Asolo and La Sportiva. Although I love my current Lowas, I have also had Asolos and La Sportivas that were fantastic as well. I'd vote for all three if I could.


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    Same boat as AkCub. Purchased a pair of Canadians in 98 and wore them up until last hunting season then tossed them in the garbage. Purchased a pair of Lowas to see what the hype is all about. The Lowas normally run $80 to $100 more than the Canadians, but I jumped on a pretty sweet deal and was able to get them cheaper than the Canadians. Cabelas was also sold out of my size on the Canadians when I went to purchase a replacement pair. I loved those boots. Hope I like these new Lowas just as much.

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    Jimmy my first impression of the Lowas is that they are more comfortable than my Meindl's. We'll see as I am gonna try them on my sheep hunt this year. Its no fun having brand new back up boots in the closet.

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    i found the mendils comfy fit for me, broke in real easy i wore them around the house for maybe 10 min before my sheep hunt and never had a problem, but i'm on my second pair in two years, on sheep/goat season and they are done for me. their old outfitter series (cabelas') leather boots lasted me one hunt, i'm on my thrid or fourth pair, i just wear them in the yard now.
    Thinking of going to the lowas or something new to try..we'll see.
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    You know, thinking back on it. My Lowas and my meindls didnt feel any different to me. I cant say that I can tell much difference at all. Cub did you say your using Lowas now? What brought that on?

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    A retarded compulsive spending moment. They were on sale for like $200 shipped so I picked up a pair figuring I'll need them someday and you know how that goes. Just kept looking at them in the closet all pretty and new and decided to wear them around a little. Not retiring my Meindls just gonna play with both this year.

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    Default A point to clarify brand names.

    Not to nit pick but my new Schnees catalog came this week. They are now calling the Lowa Sheep Hunter the Schnees Sheep Hunter. They state they are made in Germany by Lowa. So I don't know if there is a difference between the Sheep Hunter made by Lowa for Schnees or Lowa for Lowa.
    By the way they are listed as $295.

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    Default Good Poll!

    I didn't vote because I've never used them on a hunt, but this past fall I tried out several different pairs and ended up keeping the Lowas. They seem to be extremely rugged and are very comfy for a rigid boot. My next vote would have been for the Mindl Winters, but I was afraid they would be too warm.

    Also noticed that Schnees Sheep Hunter look to be the same as the Lowas I have, but I paid less than half of what they are asking.

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    call me old fashioned, meindl boots, nosler partition bullets. when i find something that works for me, i am reluctant to switch.
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    Heres another coupon code for the Lowa Sheephunters from if someone didn't get in on the last deal. Enter this as a coupon code


    for 10 % off and then if your a first time buyer you get another 10% off so you can get em delivered for about $225.


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