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    I have been trying to target a group of yotes that have been giving me the slip and I think it is time to try somthing new. one of my sets is next to a tree that they have been marking so I put a leg hold there and they have pissed all over my trap. I have the area pretty well plastered with snares and a few bait piles with leg hold around them. They don't seem to be coming into the bait but keep hitting thier mark tree. This is my first time targeting yotes and was wondering if anyone has a suggestion on a better set around the tree?

    I have been picking up a few marten on my way to the yote sets (only have 4 120s out) so atleast I am coming home with somthing but these yote are starting to wear down my patiance.

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    Sounds like you are not spacing your trap the right distance. I always place something at the tree to get them to zero in on such as a football size rock or something that will stand out to them. I move back about 2 widths of my hand and 4 widths of my hand to the side. I try to center my trap pan at this location. When we first got coyotes the hardest part I had to learn to catch them was the trap spacing. Try this and see if it helps. Good luck.



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