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    I once seen a beaver set make with PVC with 6 snare sets on them, does anyone know how they where made. Not sure the size of the snare loops or spacing. Thanks

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    Never used PVC, the number of snares used will be determined on the depth of the water, Chop a big hole. or use a chainsaw.. find a (DEAD) tree, about the size of a soda can around. Nof get 4-5 willow green trees, wire them all around the dead tree.. Not rotten dead, just not a green one or the beaver will eat your tree.. Next wire 4-5 snares all the way up going around. I use 3.32 cable and make the loops 10 inces in diameter.. In 6 foot of water, I put 5 snares on alternating all the way around starting form the bottom going up to the top.. Takes to people. Have one insert the pole in slowly while the other feeds the snares and ensures they stay open.. put the end of the tree to the bottom and wire a cross T at the ice. theis way the beaver wont run off with your pole when he gets caught.. The trick is the beaver sees the fresh Bark.. or green tree.. comes to investigate and will circle.. they get caught pretty quick.. and drown of course. Never caught more than 2 on a set at a time.. but imagine its possible.


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