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Thread: Whats Your System?

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    Wink Whats Your System?

    What part does scouting play in your hunting season? I"m able to scout, for deer after the season is over, I hunt within 20 miles of where I live, and already have my bucks patterned for this year. This system works well for me. For those who are able what system do you use? This morning it snowed I"ll go out and scope out travel routes ect. how do you do it ATV, planes? By studying tracks, looking for deer running splayed hoof prints at the end of October I found that I'm able to pinpoint the chase phase of the rut and relocate stand sites as needed. I"m interested to hear what some of the folks who guide do? Thanks Bill.
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    I hunt local deer that get pounded by hunters...a 600 acre piece might see 50 plus guys a week. I love it! for me, i do much like you, look for routes and funnels, used trails. For my style......I will never hunt those places,I figure the access the average hunter will take, big bucks catch on to that. I find the population of deer stays about the same, bucks tend to stay within a 1/2 mile or less (whitetails), I look for the small area that gets passed on the drive in, the thick stuff that you can't see through. I then set up my spotter and start finding deer, typically they don't gor far in a night and I have seen them get up at dusk and be in my scope as morning light broke. I find over hunted land holds a few big boys that are more of a trophy to me then a wheat field buck, in hard hunted land they are smarter and tougher to find.....I just seem to have very good luck at it.

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    the seasons here are long so I go on armed walks in areas I've seen game before.
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