ATV, DIY alarm strobe light and piezo siren for under $40.

Animal do not like loud noises or flashing lights, this alarm is a cheep way to protect your ATV from animals messing with it. The flashing light will keep any normal animal away, if for some reason the animal is not driven off the siren will chase it away. The only thing I donít like about this circuit is, ones the siren is activated there is no way to turn it off until you get back to the vehicle. On my system I added a 1 minute timer that will reset itself and a vibration switch. I do not know of a plug-and-play timer you could use so I left it out. A DIY timer is beyond the scope of most people to build.

If you do not want to spend a lot of money or time; A long time ago I wanted to protect my snowmobile from thieves. I put some firecrackers in a 3# coffee can and put the can on top of the seat and cover the snowmobile with a tarp for the summer. Six months later I remove the tarp. I had forgotten the reason for the coffee can and picked it up. That was the first and last time I use firecrackers, it not that it did not work, it work too well.

Less effective but safer, you can buy a emergency strobe light that uses one or two ďDĒ cells for backpackers and if you have a electric fence that should also work.