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Thread: looking for a spot to river fish and salt water fish.

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    Default looking for a spot to river fish and salt water fish.

    I have been to Alaska three times now and have river fished for silver,red and hooked a couple kings. We love the fight of the red salmon and are planning on going during there run in 2012. What we are looking for is a spot to river fish plus rent a boat and go crabbing or halibut fishing. A do it yourself kind of deal. Maybe you know of a spot near an Alaska cabin or know of a cabin for rent that would cover the river and salt water fishing. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    You need to clue everyone in on where & when specifically. Salmon runs vary depending on species/drainage; saltwater fishing not as specific. Only place I know of to rent a saltwater boat would be Whittier which would put you fairly close to the Anchorage area as well as the Kenai peninsula. Seems sockeyes have rung your bell so the wise choice for that would be the Kenai river from about July 15th thru 1st week of August. Plenty of river lodges/B&B's on the Kenai that you could choose from for bank fishing reds; important to find a place with a GOOD sockeye spot; not just any old spot on the river will produce good catches.
    If you want to go crabbing & halibut fishing, Homer's your spot although you'd need to go with a charter.
    IMO the do-it-yourself route, although admirable is not very productive (or safe) unless you have the experience to fish the local waters and you didn't mention anything about previously doing any Alaskan saltwater fishing. This is not at all like fishing inland lakes/rivers or even Lake Michigan/Superior (I'm from WI also).
    Not trying to stifle your enthusiasm at all, I've just been down that path in Alaska and I absolutely love the place and immensely value the opinions of the folks you'll find on this site (sounds like BS I know).
    Good Luck and GO PACKERS!!!!
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