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Thread: looking for a cabin to rent

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    Default looking for a cabin to rent

    i have been to Alaska three times now and plan on going in 2012. We are looking for a cabin close to a river for some fresh water red salmon fishing and near salt water for some crabbing and maybe some halibut fishing. If you know of such a place, any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    You are going to have to be in SouthEast or Kodiak. I assume you plan on doing your fishing/crabbing from shore. If you have a boat or plan on renting a boat you could do Kachemak Bay. Specifically Tutka Bay. There is a nice hatchery red run and tanner crabs. Most cabins will be near a source of fresh water. PWS has several forest service cabins for rent but the crabbing is not possible, except for the winter. If you go to the Chugach National Forest web site you should be able to find locations of cabins and what fish species are nearby. I almost forgot about the Kodiak Refuge cabins. There should be reds and crabbing and halibut there. If you are trying to rent a cabin it will probably have to be a public cabin. Not many people rent out there remote private cabins.


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