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    Cool New Thread

    Hey, let's put all of our posts under the title of Savage Guide Gun....
    No need to go to all the trouble of starting a new thread......Just kiddin'.

    Feel free to start a thread about your favorite gun, caliber or bullet or just to ask questions about making your own ammo.

    Apparently a lot of people like the Savage Guide Gun. Is that because it is a Savage or because of the configuration? Keep shootin'.


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    Default Savage Guide Gun

    Can anybody post a picture of this gun? Are they still available in Anchorage? Better yet, anybody see one in a Fairbanks shop? Do they have a muzzle brake? Thanks.

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    Default Savage Guide Gun

    If anyone is interested, there was a Savage .375 H&H Guide Gun at Great Northern Guns in Anchorage last Saturday. I believe the price was $599.00. Still wouldn't be my choice, but there you go.

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    Default Savage

    Thanks mauserboy. I'll be in Anchorage in two weeks. Would like to check out the Savage, though I'm also thinking about the CZ 550 in .375. Already have the CZ in .416 Rigby and really like it. I'd still like to know if the Savage has a muzzle brake on it.

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    Default Savage .375 H&H

    Nope, no muzzle brake. Not surprizing, for the price they're asking.... Besides, since it has that stumpy tube, the muzzle brake would be counterproductive in that sense.


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