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    This year I was going to buy a 9505 or a 9555 and then Spot decides to introduce a new product. The Spot Connector allows any iphone or an Android operating System phone to be used anywhere spot can be used for text messages up to 41 words long and can instantly update facebook and twitter pages. The price is 169.00 for the unit and 99.99 for the subscription. This is pretty darned groovy in that it weighs 4.6 oz and is waterproof.

    Pretty darned interesting what they are coming up with.


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    I may be getting ready to finally retire my Gen1 SPOT.... thanks for the heads up.

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    Disappointing that the spot portion is not full featured! Why in the world would they not include all of the basic preset messages into the spot portion of this new device? From what I read you can post an emergency w/ just the spot messenger portion and the tracking feature will still work w/ out the phone on but that is it. I don't know what kind of life you guys are getting w/ your iphones but mine sure won't last a 5+ day backpacking trip and would be pushing it even if I turned it off unless using it. The fact that the iphone does not have a removable battery makes it a pretty choice for backcountry use. I still can't wait till they come up with a dedicated bidirectional text system. To me linking it with a cell phone is a bit of a detour from what should be the goal, that said I hope they sell a ton of them and then put the $$ into R&D. In the mean time I need to call the guys at surveyors exch and place an order for a 9505 here pretty soon...


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