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Thread: Mag box size problem

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    Default Mag box size problem

    I bought a very pretty stock from one of our brothers here to use on my 416 taylor project.
    The recoil pad is marked PARKER HALE and it appears to be one of their older Safari style stocks with a cross bolt cut-out.

    The M-98 action and barrel fit perfectly in the top of the stock,,HOWEVER,,, the cut out for the magazine and floor plate are much larger (wider and longer) than a standard M-98 box mag...

    Any ideas???

    Here are some photos. The other stock is a regular M-98 sporter
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    Some of the Parker Hales had a cast aluminum 1 piece Mag box/trigger guard. That may be what the stock is for. Carve a piece of walnut to fill the gap and glue it in , then inlet to fit. A "dutchman" so to speak.
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