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Thread: One More Speed Bow

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    Default One More Speed Bow

    APA out of Canada

    Black Maba X1 Is 33 and 7/8 inches Brace is height is 7and 1/16th..both bows have the Venom cam

    X1 claims IBO speeds of 353

    The X2 340

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    Thats a fast bow, seems like all the bow manufactures are trying to out do each other, on who makes the fastest bow, technology is getting out of control, what do you all think about LET-OFF, theres bows out there with 90% LET-OFF, you could sit there all day and hold that thing. I guess it all boils down to the new designs of these cams, and limbs too....K

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    With 90% letoff it seems like there would be a lot of arrow wobble. The only recent compound I ever owned was an Oneida Strike Eagle with 70% letoff, and it had arrow wobble at close range, then the arrow would straighten out after 50 feet or so. it seems that the 90% letoff would be hard on the arrow too. I don't know much about compounds admittedly, I only use recurves now.


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