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Thread: snowmachine recalls

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    Default snowmachine recalls

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    leaky fuel systems= volatile explosions. Although leaky fuel systems aren't the subject of this specific recall.....they have been in the past.

    Yamaha once ran a fourstroke exaust so close to the fuel tank (exiting the rear of the sled), that a few of them burnt to the ground too. Any sled can catch fire due to leaky fuel systems. Some object can deflect off a secondary or primary clutch that's spinning 10,000 rpms.......and sever a fuel line resulting in a pressurized spray of fuel hitting the exaust. That's why it's good to not leave old bolts, zip ties, hood elastics, rivet heads, cracked ceramic pieces of buggered up spark plugs, or any other residual junk from repair jobs in the belly of a snow machine. After working on my sleds, I try to blow out any debris from the belly pan, and guess what? I've found everything I listed on the floor of the garage that wasn't visible beforehand.


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