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Thread: green mountain barrels quality / accuracy?

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    Default green mountain barrels quality / accuracy?

    I have a T/C hawkens in 50 cal. I was planning on using it on moose this year but I think I will look in to other options for caliber. I cant find a 58 for a decent price but I noticed that green mountain barrel company sells a 54 replacement barrel for my 15/16" 50 cal receiver.
    My question is how good are these barrels? I have seen them around for some time but never really hear any info on them like you do for modern barrel makers like sheelen,douglas ect.



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    I have several, as do friends, and they're excellent. I'd put them in a class with the better modern barrel makers. You're looking for a drop-in barrel but they also offer bare barrels for gun building. And they're very popular among builders.

    Several points to keep in mind:

    If you're planning to shoot conicals, their round ball barrels (1:70) have much slower twists than TC (1:48) or even Lyman (1:66). They don't make a one-size-fits-all like TC.

    In fact 54 cal is as large as you can go in your 15/16" barrel channel.

    Green Mountain is waaaaaaay behind on deliveries of their barrels, due to extensive contracts to make barrels for the military. Ordering directly from them can put you on a years-long backorder unless you're certain that a particular model is in stock. They dribble out a few drop-in barrels each year, so vendors have them now and then. I've resorted to buying my barrels from Track of the Wolf. It's not that their prices or availability are any better, rather they have that hand Notify Me button. Click it, and they'll email you when they get a shipment of barrels. At least that way no one is sitting on your money while you wait out a backorder. I notice that they're out of the 54, but reading between the lines it appears they are expecting them.

    I keep hearing that Tip Curtis (Tip Curtis Frontier Shop, Cross Plains, TN 37049, (615) 654-4445) often has more stock than anyone else, but he doesn't have a web site. I haven't dealt with him, but I hear great things about his shop and service. If you don't find the barrel right away, it would be worth giving him a call I'm sure.

    On the technical side, my experience with GM barrels shows they often have a fairly sharp crown at the muzzle, which can lead to patch cutting and accuracy challenges when you first get the barrel. Not to worry, because the sharpness wears off within the first 100 shots and accuracy really settles down. Just thought you'd like to know, because if accuracy isn't what you'd hoped for when you ordered, don't panic. Some folks dull the edge of the crown by using their thumb to press 400 grit emory cloth down on the crown and spin slowly for a little while. I prefer shooting to spinning so I've never tried it.

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    While I rarely find myself in disagreement with Brown Bear on his posts I find myself in just about the oppposite opinion of Green Mountain Barrel quality. I think the craftsmanship of Green Mountain Barrel company stinks. Granted I must quantify my opinion by stating that I only have one of their product. But that one product is enough that I will never own another. It is a 58 cal TC replacement barrel 32 inches long with a slow 1 to 70 twist. It is my expereince with this one barrel that it shoots terribly inaccurate and the fit/finish of the barrel is embarrassing. If I were the employee whom manufactured this product I would be ashamed of my work product. It saddens me to know that Green Mountain is an American company.

    Monthunter, there are other better options out in the marketplace for you. If you're looking to do a moose hunt with a larger than 50 caliber rifle, Eb@y offers many Hawken or Renegade 1 inch stocks that are very reasonably priced that will accomodate the 1 inch barrel in 54 or 58 caliber. TC Custom shop will make you a brand new 58 claiber barrel for $220. I personally bought one last year and found it to be a fine piece of workmanship. Don't waste your money on Green Mountain scrap iron.

    Sorry Brown Bear, usually you and I are spot on with our opinions....
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    Hey Ex1811,

    Not so much disagreement as understanding. I wouldn't be surprised if quality control on the finish has slipped since they're so focused on their military contracts. But I'm wondering about the accuracy problem. I've got two of the same barrel you do, and between my hunting pards there are three others. They're all super accurate, but they were all patch cutters when we first got them, but all had to go through the break-in shooting and two required smoothing the crown in addition. They like tight patch/ball combos, but when broken in and used with the right components, they're all at least as accurate as the TC's and probably better with younger eyes. I've also got 62 cal smoothbore and 50 cal barrels from them, and hunting pards have 32, 36, 40 and 50 cals. All are very well made.

    Have you talked to GM about the barrel? Any time we've had problems (two of the recently shipped 58 cals had no rear sights for example), GM has been quick with fixes. In fact, both those barrels were produced within the last year and bought from TOW following a Notify Me email from them.

    As for TC, there's bad news there, at least for the short term and maybe forever. They've shut down their muzzleloader production plant in Connecticut and are in the process of consolidating it with the main S&W plant in Massachusetts. Along with that, their custom shop is not accepting orders and warranty repairs are delayed till after the move. Everyone is holding their breath right now to see if they even continue production of their traditional muzzleloader once the move is finished "sometime in spring or summer."


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