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Thread: How long and how cold before

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    Default How long and how cold before

    Fish start to get permenat damage to themselves outta water. When its even -10 and my hands are wet they get cold fast. What Im referring to in general is the fishs eyes freezing when its outta water. My guess is it takes like 30 seconds before the eyes start to freeze over maybe just a glaze even at -20.. Just a thought what You all think.

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    Well Its always pretty toasty in my fish house so there doesnt seem to be problem.
    Actually I think you still have time to snap a picture or 2 without damaging the fish. Since fish are cold blooded I would assume they are able to recover but I am no expert. I know gold fish can be frozen solid and still survive. Maybe one of the fish and wildlife biologists could answer this.

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    I've taken trout home from ice fishing that have ended up coming alive again once unfrozen. Kinda creepy, but fascinating.

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    They will be damaged by freezing.
    Exactly how long it will take I don't know, but i suspect if there is no wind you will have a few seconds. It will also depend on if they fall in the snow.

    Some times cold blooded animals will "come back to life" after being frozen, but usually unless they were flash frozen they will die from the internal damage.
    Some times you will see small cold blooded animals (like gold fish) flash frozen as an experiment. You have to be carful if you want the critters to live, because if ice crystals form in their body then they will probably die shortly after being thawed.

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    This is what I was looking for big dog...Everyone tries to be careful but when You get a nice one you want a photo and i was wondering if you might as well just keep it...I would think the eyes would be the first to suffer damage...since fish cant talk I guess well never know


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