My son's boy scout trip is looking to do a kayak trip into PWS this summer (mid-July, most likely) and I'm looking for suggestions of good camping locations for a larger group. Surprise Cove is definitely of the list of options, but it can get crowded in there, and I think there's really only the one north beach suitable for a larger group (I'm estimating 15-20 scouts & adults).

I've spent a lot of time boating in the Sound but most of my extended trips have either been spent on-board or in a FS cabin (on the rare occasion you can get 'em). I"ve never really looked around for onshore camping spots.

We'll be using a water taxi to get us to & from wherever we decide to set up camp...and the next few days will just be day-paddles from that base. One of the main factors I'm trying to keep in mind is finding somewhere the boys can still paddle around in relatively sheltered waters if the weather comes up (I'm reluctant about the Squirrel Cove/Decision sites because of this). We're looking to keep costs down, so long taxi distances are not an option.

I'd like to consider other options in Culross Pass (nice and sheltered) or South Esther (Quillian Bay, maybe, and the hatchery is right next door for a possible tour), but I'm not sure about decent camping locations for a bigger group.

Locations with fishing and/or hiking options would be a plus...but paddling and camping is the main plan.

Art Nelson.