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Thread: Wolves on JBER

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    Default Wolves on JBER

    JBER, hard to get used to calling it that and makes understanding of what general area they are actually talking about hard to interpret.

    Anyway it looks like the Ft Rich wolf pack has been getting well know enough to be taken out.

    Just two winters ago and the Daily Snoose was all over the "wolves ate my dog" stories and now nothing. Wolves are still eating dogs and chasing people on base and at Beach Lake according to the Alaska Star reporting.

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    AK Ray it is even worse living on JBER we hear nothing about the issues yet there are warnings out to not go into certain areas of post due to high wolf activity. I keep hearing rumors of them eating dogs along the post boundary and a few rumors of them eating dogs on JBER. Never know what to believe or not to believe, either way I do know there are wolfs on post and they seem to be getting braver and increasing in numbers.

    The funny thing is instead of opening JBER up to hunting for wolfs we the people are hirering a professional to come in and trap them and we are going to pay for hours and hours of helicopter time to shoot them from the air or land and shoot them. Makes a lot of sense!

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    Seems odd that an organization that has helicopters and door gunners that have Iraq and Afghanistan experience would need even the slightest bit of help exterminating a few wolves.... That said I agree that it is ridiculous that they didn't open the taking of wolves long ago on base. Hunted populations tend to keep their fear of humans more readily than protected ones.

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    Base personell have been told to kill on site since before Turkey day, it hasn't worked so they are planning for the state to come in. It's the Elmendorf pack that will dissappear. The Ship Creek pack will stay. Basically with this pack losing a few of its members last winter they have become brazen again, and apparently had a butt load of pups which are learning this behavior. I beleive the state has viewed this as it's a matter of time before they actually hurt a human. I was told by the JBER-Rich wildlife office while getting a tree permit,(Actually saw there tracks on the same trail I used pretty fresh as it had snowed within 24hrs) that they don't care about dogs being eaten that's normal.


    There are signs posted in one area on the way to Clunie lake where there has been alot of the so called dangerous interactions. Near Fish and Triangle lake on Elmo is where the pack had been hanging around possible den site near there I would think. That story was in the base paper a month or so ago. They're also spotted some near the tracks between the bases.

    Ok went and read the article, these are the wolves that were from the above mentioned fish and triangle lake area. The article in the base paper stated that a jogger and his dog spotted one wolf and it just sat on the trail and basically 3 others did the same thing but were surrounding them. I would say they've lost that fear. He yelled and threw rocks, but they just sat.

    The boot prints near the tracks are mine nothing else around but these tracks
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