Tjm how did your boat work out without a tunnel? I believe in one of your videos up on the Knik with your old boat you touched a bit on a bar but went right accrost and had to shut down to hit the stomp grate, is your new boat perform better without a tunnel? Do you pick up more or less rocks now?
I know one of you reasons for going without was to try and rid the SJ of any cavitation issues you had with your previous boat.
I was talking to a guy today with a SJ powered boat with a tunnel, he though his boat could stop and start in shallower water than a boat without due to his ability to keep the intake grate out of the gravel. I though your boat would sit up a bit higher in the water at rest due to not having the tunnel. I guess overall do you regret not having a tunnel?
Anyone else rode in Tjm's boat and like to give there opinion?