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Thread: Been pretty slow lately...

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    Default Been pretty slow lately...

    well took this long 4 day weekend and went home to help my dad with some cod fishing for 5 days..we did good. filled the boat anyhow..only got to trap a little but heres what i connected with..

    one was a nice female.
    snared, 5/64 cam lock.. trail set.

    the other was another mid sized male.
    #3 DLS, den slide.

    sorry about the photo, my little sister was crying because she got blood on her pink camo snow pants...go
    thanks for takin a peek

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    been pretty slow lately.... HUH!!

    you seem to be doing pretty darn good!

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    thanks joefish...been trying alot of new stuff on otter to find some more of my own tricks...
    things are slowly coming together on em


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