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Thread: Spring bird hunting in Southeast

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    Default Spring bird hunting in Southeast

    I'm writing an article on spring bird hunting in units 1-6 for the Alaska Sporting Journal. I'd like to do a phone or email interview with anyone who has done this, or who knows of anyone I can contact. I'm also looking for photos- the magazine pays a nominal fee, about 10 bucks, for any photos they use. You can either PM me, or reply on here. Thanks, guys!


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    I'd love to participate in this one....

    What's your deadline? This year is going to be fun for grouse in Juneau. If you need something previous, all I have are stories. If it can wait, I'll provide pictures - payment is unnecessary.

    The blue grouse is a beautiful bird that likes a beautiful country.

    The snow on the mountains will be pollished by the winds - those avalnches come in giant ice cubes the size of an SUV. Areas in the sun will soften up and swallow your legs right up to your crotch. It is work from the moment you realize where you are.... I love the spring!
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