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Thread: Loading HP's upside down

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    Default Loading HP's upside down

    I heard of some reloaders who loaded their .38 snubby HP bullets upside down due to expansion issues. It was compared to a badmitten birdie, supposedly very stable in flight. Has anyone ever done this? Any accuracy gains?

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    You mean like sort of a Minnie ball for a .38? I don’t think so…. You are never going to get enough pressure to flare a hollow point bullet out to the point that it obturates and engages the rifling…

    I can see trying that for a really low power close in wad cutter load… maybe
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    In 38 specials we have taken the soft lead 148 grn. Hollow Base wadcutter and loaded it upside down. It makes a Hollow point that is very soft lead and expands out of short barreled snubbies. It does reduce longer range accuracy though. But then most people don't use snubbies as target guns either. The 148 grn HBWC I speak of is as close as you will come to the badmitten birdie theory and yes they are accurate and are already loaded by both Rem and Win. I believe; As these are the only ammo available for the Smith 52 pistol.
    If we're talking about a jacketed bullet it will just become a solid and expansion will only occur when it hits something really hard and flattens the jacket to a larger size or causes it to tumble.
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    I'm pretty sure this is how Hydroshocks were developed. Federal didn't invent them, some guy messing around with inverting lead HPs did.
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    I am familiar with soft HBWC's being loaded as a HP. I am talking about the inverse. Taking a Sierra 158gr JHP and loading it backward to make a wadcutter. Basically, I don't load HP's for carry, and I happen to have 100 of these and would rather load em' as wadcutters for use at the range. No biggie if it's not possible, they will work just as well loaded correctly.

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    As an experiment I would load half of them correctly and the other half inverse. Then would shoot 5 shot groups with both types of ammo; alternating between the 2. Then you would have some idea what improvements or loss in accuracy occurs.
    I'm sure when loaded to Sierra specs they will be fine. you might also notice a little more recoil in one than the other.
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