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Thread: Osprey Tactical 4-16x50 w/ range finding retical

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    Default Osprey Tactical 4-16x50 w/ range finding retical

    I've gotta buddy (slightly retarded) who bought a VTR and a Osprey scope. Well... the scope came with no directions. Niether of us has a clue how the system works for range finding. We need some help as the company will not.

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    Ten minutes on google and this post on snipers hide is the best info I could find.

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    Yea, i had a hard time too. After he went home i found a few complaints about it. He may be disapointed in it. He's young an just getting into guns an hunting. So he wants all the latest cool guy stuff. I'm kind of a gadget guy myself. But my actual hunting rifle is a 62 year old Rem 721 30-06 with a 62 year old 4x Weaver. With a good rest i can still drop them out to 300-350 yards. Past that i can't see them well enough to feel good about the shot.


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