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    For the first time me and my buddy decided to try Matanuska Lake. Since going through the stocking charts it was realized that the lake was full of something, be it smolt, fingerlings and or, deep water shrimp eating fisherman terrors they call.... Charr, Arctic Char that is. This lake has a lot of geography, i was curious if anyone has pulled out a large char here or if you might have a honey hole. I figured that with the depth of Matanuska, there might be some lunkers in there. BTW- was the lake once a gravel pit of sorts?

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    yes, there's nice fish in there..not sure how many but certainly a best luck in the summer for anything over 6" was just off the little island point, you'll notice the points right at the deep hole...
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    Yes, there are.. or was some very nice char in that lake. I havn't fished it in about 8 years but if you head down the hill from the parking area and head all the way across the lake and right, there used to be a large down cottenwood tree that fell into the lake. Fish very near the end of this tree (about 40' from shore). Should be in about 22' of water and if you look thru your holes, you can see the sand churning from some natural springs. Shrimp with orange power bait seemd to be the key...

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    There still are very large bows and chars in Matanuska Lake.
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