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Thread: Silver Salmon mid-September Cordova Area?

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    Question Silver Salmon mid-September Cordova Area?

    Time to head north again for some fishing. We have Sept 10-23 available to us and looking to spend 4 to 6 days fishing in Alaska. This will be my girlfriend's first trip to Alaska and want her to catch fish and experience some of the beautiful country. I think at this time of the year Silvers would be our best bet. I have fished the Cordova area a few days later than this at the end of a couple of goat hunts and have done well. The last time I was in that area was in 2003. This will be my first trip for fishing only as all previous trips have been for chasing furry critters. I've been a regular AK visitor since 1987.

    People that I know tell me the numbers of non-commercial salmon fishermen in the Cordova area have increased greatly the the last couple of years. I am not interested in any "combat fishing" situations. Looking to get away from the crowds and enjoy some fun fishing together. I would appreciate advice/suggestions/recommendations for the best times in this area (given the days we have available to us) or other areas and also info for lodges and/or packaged trips that any of you have first hand knowledge about. Also is the September time too late to consider trying for Halibut for a day or two?

    Please respond here or PM me. Thanks in advance for your help, advice and suggestions. And Thanks to David for providing this great way to learn more about Alaska and what it has to offer.
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    I know commercial guys fish silvers all september but that might just be over in the coghil district. That time of the year I'd recomend going to kodiak
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    check saltery lodge on kodiak, pretty affordable and some great fishing without the people from what i'm told, thats on kodiak.
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    Default Cordova

    Halibut fishing in September out of CDV won't be great. You'll be best to focus on the silvers.

    There are a number of good rivers/sloughs to fish around. Be carefull to consider water conditions (i.e visibility) that time of year as it seems to change dramatically without a lot of "notice."

    The Ibek, Alganic, and Eyak all offer good fishing that time of year. You need a boat to fish the Eyak.

    Crodova coastal outiftters will rent you a boat and launch it for you as well.

    The Ibek (6-mile) and Alganic offer good road side fishing. Its usually the Ibek that gets a lot of traffic from fishermen. The fishing is uallsy red hot that time of year on the Ibek and you can get by yourself if you are willing to hike a bit. Chest waders are a must.

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    Juneau has some great silver fishing all through September, and as long as the weather is cooperating, the halibut fishing is as good as July/August.

    Sept. is one of my favorite months, but the weather is hard to predict too.



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