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    I am finding that with this pup I am wayyyy more cautious about every little thing than with my previous dogs. I get concerned over little things that are probably nothing, and I can't afford to swoop her off to the vet every time to get checked out, but I also don't want to neglect something if it is a problem

    Lately, she has been licking the dirt and her poop and I don't know why. She has also has diarrhea longer than I would anticipate after changing her food. She has been wormed 3 times already. I have heard it could be malnutrition or hunger, but I am feeding her good quality dog food made for large breed puppies and giving her the recommended amount per day for her age and weight. I tried filling her bowl instead of rationing it out over 3 meals, but she just eats the entire bowl no matter how much I put in it, so I don't think tat is going to fly.

    Anyone know if this is normal and if not, why it may be going on? Any help is appreciated!

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    Would you say her activity level is normal or slow and lethargic. How much water does your pup drink? Being hydrated is important especially during the winter months.
    Is there tummy noises or excess gas. Too much could mean that particular feed doesn't agree with your dog.
    Yes, she should out grow this as she gets older. But certainly keep an eye on her as you have. I do understand your concern.
    Keep us updated.

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    She has a very normal to high activity level. Pretty normal most of the time and gets a little wound up at times, as puppies do. When she is resting, I can feel some gurgling/activity in her belly, but don't hear anything. She does have some gas, but as you said, it could just be changing the food or this food not agreeing. Not sure. I has her on some lower quality stuff that I thought was good until about a week ago and switched to the better stuff. She drinks water like a horse, which has caused me to limit her access to it to some degree because she was drinking and having to go out literally about every 5-10 minutes and I could not keep up with it. I increased her food this morning and she ate the whole bowl but hasn't been so ravenous about her second bowl. Actually she barely touched it, so i assume she is still full. Perhaps I should just unrestrict the water access and she will get used to drinking normal amounts??

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    I'm no pro, but I wouldn't be limiting access to water for a puppy. My setter drank huge amounts of water when he was a pup this past year. My wife and I were a little concerned, because he hit the water more than any of the other dogs we have (when they were pups). When he hit about 7 months it slowed. At 9 months he drinks what I would consider a normal amount of water for him (depending on day/weather). He is off to training now, so I am not seeing what he does everyday (in terms of food/water intake). Growing pups need food and water. I would just suck it up, give free choice water, and take her out often. Plus this will be a great way for her to learn potty training. The more she does of something the quicker she will learn it. Also I am not a vet, so this is just my opinion from what I've read in this post. If you think she is doing something very abnormal with the water consumption, take her to the vet.


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