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    Default Using locator calls

    I just ordered a new foxpro and have never had the ability to use a locator call, and I am curious about this feture. I have always been a rabbit in distress guy because that is the only noise I was ever good at with a hand call so I stuck with it and have had modest success in the past.
    The guys that use the locator call what really is it for do the coyotes come to the call or do you travel and use the call till you hear a responce then try to get it to come in. Also anyone with experience with the foxpro and mixing sounds does mixing sounds work I think crows and rabbit in distress would work good together.

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    Coyotes are territorial, so depending on the time of year using various coyote sounds you could get them coming to run another dog out of the area, or come in to look for a mate, or come in to join the action of downed prey. Or you just continue to use prey in distress calls like you have been or some combo that you find works.

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    The coyotes are starting to breed now. The Female coyote Yodel is one good sound to start out your stand. Give them a few of the Yodel howls, and then wait in silence for a few minutes. If no customers, howl again and repeat the wait in silence. I use a coyote pup in distress sound to complete the stand. You can play the pup distress non-stop if you wish, but I like to play it for a minute or so and pause. It works either way.


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