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Thread: King Salmon River

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    Default King Salmon River

    Anyone know anything about the King Salmon River which runs into the Upper Nushagak? I hear that it is a beautiful little river, small, winding, shallow, class 1 & 2 riffles, and loaded with fish (salmon & large rainbows). You land on a very small lake at the headwaters. There is one huge log jam that needs to be portaged around and also because there are so many fish and the river is small and shallow, that there are many brown bears. Sound familiar to anyone? My friends and I are planning a trip in late August and could use all the info we can get. Thanks a heap!

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    sounds good
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    Default guide there in yrs past

    still do a run or two up it,expect some traffic from fly in lodges,not so bad late aug,be sure to have large variety of tackle for the rainbows,they get hit pretty hard from the fly ins.i have a camp further up the nush,you can pm me if you have more ?s


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