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    Default Home tanning

    anyone on here ever tanned any of there hides...or know of any good websites on the subject



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    Default Here you go.

    I always sent mine to the tannery because I use to deal in volume
    But here is the web site ,Everything you need to know and more is here
    You can also buy small tanning kits. But depending on what you are tanning ,By the time you buy all the chemicals It might be cheaper to take it in to the tannery

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    I had a magazine at one time that had detailed instructions for brain tanning. I've never tried it myself, but I heard of other people folowing them with mixed results. I've fond a webpage with similar instructions and will probably try it with some small game this spring.
    Chris Willhoite

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    The lutan f tanning kit from cabelas worked well for me. I tanned a caribou hide, a black bear and 2 big old ermines. It is made by van dykes. I bought 3 kits at 18 bucks each and used about 2.5 of them. The hides came out nice, but thats a crap load of prep work. The hides will come out only as well as you put into prepping them. I probably but more then 10 hours into the fleshing of the bear. I didnt have a fleshing board, and did it on the lawn so it took for ever. If i had a fleshing beam and knife, i could have cut the time down significantly. Good luck.

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    Default home tanning

    have used rittels ez tan for the past 10years-tanned couple of deer, 2 blk bear, caribou, 2 foxes and 6 martens-works well-with the larger game, most time is spent fleshing and working the hide-good activity to do after trapping season is over and before bear baiting.


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