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Thread: Want to Learn Traditional Log Building Construction?

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    Default Want to Learn Traditional Log Building Construction?

    After traveling the lower 48 teaching hands-on log building workshops I'm looking to seeif there is interest in learning this time tested traditional way of building with logs. I primarily teach the Scandinavian full-scribe-to-fit method and more. You can learn how in a hands-on intensive four week workshop to build your own log cabin or log home.

    Let me know of any interest if you would. Ask any questions you have about building your own !

    Contact Jon in Anchorage or Bill (me) in Indiana
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    LOL! I meant to ask if there would be interest in Alaska. Building with logs from scratch to build yourself a log cabin or log home, we've
    been teaching owner builders for over 25 years now. From log trusses and purlins to walls and log joists for floor systems!
    We'll teach you and guide!


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    Boy, I would be very interested, if my boss would let me have a month off.
    That's not going to happen for awhile. So I have a proposition for you.

    I have 3 lots covered with beetle killed spruce. Up to 24" diameter. You could have an immersion cabin building program on my land. I will make arrangements for rooms at the local mancamp.
    You could instruct your class on which trees to cut. How to peel them. I have a large excavator on site to assist your class on stacking them. I would purchase all needed items and get them over to you. I would show up on weekends to assist/learn.

    Something like the last picture you posted would look very nice on my bluff lot. Oh, it's in Beluga.

    Just let me know if you are interested and I will set it up.
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    Love life and live it

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    Hello "BullBuster"!

    If you are interested in our Host Program you read all the details at this link. Hosting is a great way to get a lot done on your project and is open to students of at least our two week program. If you are interested in Hosting, let me know at .


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