I have a pair of 10 x 58(Hastings Mn.) C.A. Lund, 1943, non-matching serial #'s,no bindings,9.5 of 10 condition, snowshoes. I understand these were military surplus models of good quality. Limited research shows retail auction site value approx. 250$.
My question is do I save them for display because of antique value or do I get some new bindings(Iverson possibly) and put them to good use for deep snow? I should note I have modern 10 x 36 shoes I like on crusted snow but don't hold my 200#'s w/o gear in soft snow and are noisy. Also, I am willing to buy Alaskan 10 x 56 Iversons(similiar $)if the Lunds may have collecter value.
The Lunds seem to have a very narrow toe space forward of the the (needed) binding so that the side of your boot would rub the rawhide when walking, so another minor reason to consider new Iversons.
Thanks for any input.