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Thread: bought a boat, where can I test drive it?

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    Default bought a boat, where can I test drive it?

    Bought a inboard jet out in Wasilla. Where can I test drive it before sending it up on the barge in June? Is Whittier open? Not looking to really go anywhere specific with it but would like to spend a couple hours just cruising around. Don't have a truck, its on a trailer and ready to go though. I am up north and nowhere near Anchorage. I would be willing to buy gas for a tow as well as lunch and full fuel in the boat if anyone is willing to show me around sometime between February and May.

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    If anytime soon, then I suggest Whittier. If closer to May, I suggest Big Lake (west of Wasilla maybe half hour). I forget how soon the ice is gone at Big Lake.

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    Early april out of whittier is good. I'll go in february, but it will be cold!!! No problem on the tow, just let me know about when and we'll see what we can work out.



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