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Thread: Winter driving routes thru Canada

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    Default Winter driving routes thru Canada

    Sorry. I know its not dog training specific but I didn't find a forum chapter that this would fit under. But this is sorta related.
    For the last several years I have been "going out" for winter training. This year is no different but I have a much larger crew of dogs going. So I will be driving out.
    I'm familiar with the Alcan - Prince George route and know it is well cleared during winter.
    But I have no experience on the Dease Lake Hwy/Stewart-Cassiar Hwy that also leads to Prince George. Entering US via Washington. It seems to be less mileage but wondered if road conditions would actually make it slower. I'm guessing I would be better off traveling the main Alcan Highway, it is probably a better road. Does anyone know about this road during winter? Better or worse?

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    If you are used to driving in Alaska it will be fine. It has more logging trucks during the summer than the other route, and is probably more remote than the other during the winter. It has more twists and turns but is still pretty straight, weather will dictate how fast you can go. I have driven it during the winter and would do so again without hesitation.
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    I drove it in the end of September, there was hardly any traffic which was good but if you had vehicle issues ---there ain't much out there. Cell service was pretty spotty, roads as noted where fairly straight, but there were some old frost issues that probably are still there.

    I've never been on it in the winter.

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    Probably the best forum for this would have been the "Relocating to Alaska" forum. Look over there for lots of similar information for those who are planning to move up here.

    It is not that much shorter overall, something like 150 miles or less. I haven't driven it in the winter, but have heard that the gas stations are a bit more spread out, esecially in the winter when there is far less traffic and many places close for the season. If something happens, you should figure on being on your own. Even on the Alcan in the winter, I have gone an hour plus without seeing another car coming the other way multiple times and you wan't see nearly as many others on the Cassiar.

    Personally, I wouldn't pick that route as a time saving option if that is your goal. If you are looking for a scenic trip, or just to try something new if you had done the Alcan a number of times, it might be a good option, but just be prepared.

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    Baron, I would avoid the Cassiar at all costs! It is shorter then going around but it takes about an extra 4 hours! I drove it in March one year with a trailer similar to your dog trailer and I will never do it again! The road is a tunnel through the snow and the bridges you must cross barely have enough room on each side for clearance, not to mention every one of those bridges sits 90 degrees from the road you are traveling so it is a big pain in the *****.

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    I've moved this to hopefully get you a bit more info in a sub forum more closely related to this topic...

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    I have driven them both every month of the year, and if going to,or coming from washington, the cassier is the way I go. The downside is if you have trouble it is costly, after a storm there is possibilities of avalanches that can delay you for a day or two. I have driven the whole cassier and only seen 2 trucks and less than a half a dozen fourwheelers this time of year. It is just a matter of which way you prefer to go.


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