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Thread: Hyder: spectacular place for a wildlife photographer

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    Default Hyder: spectacular place for a wildlife photographer

    Hi, I'm from catalunya-spain. I visited hyder 2 years ago. For a person who live in a place where there are no dangerous animals in all the conuntry is very exciting to stay in a place like alaska. For me was very exciting to see the bears fishing salmons in the river. Is a image I could'nt see never in my country, because there are not bears where I live and the salmon is now becoming in extintion in mostly of the rivers of spain.

    I leave you here a link of a little video of the different species of wild animals recorded with two infrared game cams near the place I live. There are no very big animals like in canada, but is anyway wildlife.
    I hope you enjoy it


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    Very nice video clips Pep...thank you for posting them! You have several animals in Spain that we do not have in Alaska, so it was very interesting to watch.

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