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Thread: Best power mod for 15' War Eagle?

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    Default Best power mod for 15' War Eagle?

    OK, If I get up there, I can't help but think my 15' War Eagle would be useful as it's tough, has a shallow draft, and can carry a pretty good load. The transom is deep enough that I need to use a long shaft motor on it, currently that a 30HP Evenrude. Would hate to get rid of it, have killed a lot of ducks out of it on the big water of Devils Lake.

    So as an alaskan river/ lake boat, would I be better served to DX the Evinrude for a Mud Motor, or would a jet or air pusher be an option? If the last is an option, how much of a task is it to put one on...

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    Boy this isnt an easy one to answer if you want to run rivers most of them you will need a jet or a hyper drive mud motor I used to run a 16 foot flat bottom lund with a 32 prodrive give it my father in law runs good on the river plus when you go up slough with alot of weeds like where his cabin is its not a problem. THat boat with that motor and a long shaft will be of little use to you at least around south central alaska is anchorage palmer wasilla area. If your going to put an outboard jet on the boat I would say go with most horse power you can. As for making it into an airboat I cant asnwer that one hope this helps Chris

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    Your boat isn't designed for an airboat configuration, it has square chines. The addition of an air-drive and fuel to acheive the same distance upstream will also decrease your load quite a bit.
    Mud motors are somewhat heavier than outboards but tend to be somewhat more fuel effecient. They run shallow; carry a spare prop we got rocks not mud.
    There are jet conversions for your motor. They decrease your draft and allow you shallower access to rivers. They also decrease your horsepower by 20-30% and increase your fuel consumption by the same amount; as they are pushing the same load with less hp.
    Floatation pods can also reduce your draft and increase your load capacity by 300 or so pounds.
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