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Thread: Short Ox hunt

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    Default Short Ox hunt

    Some Musk Ox had made themselves available for harvest close to town last week. They were hovering on the line of a large (overly large to be truthful) area closed to Ox hunting around Nome. Last tues. they crossed the line and one was harvested. Weather became a problem after that, until today. Hadn't expected the weather to improve so quickly, it was raining yesterday, bust as daylight dawned, pieces of blue shy were beginning to show. Hurried up and got me, 2 snogos, a sled, and the g/f ready and left town just after noon. About a 12 mile run to where we can start hunting. Here's a fox that refused to leave the gutpile of the animal killed tues.:

    Was expecting the Ox herd to be up high since they got pressured ealrier in the week. Plus all the snow we have had should have kept them on the higher wind blown areas. Ran into another party of 2 hunters as the last of the clouds cleared and as we were chatting I spotted the herd across a creek and on the side of a hill. Not that high up. As we made our way to them, we discovered another party had got there first. 2 decent bulls were down and those appeared to be the only 2 identifiable males that had been in this herd.
    We returned towards town, stopping to take a gander on a high spot. Here's the g/f getting a drink from the thermos from our lookout:

    No Ox for us today. Likely the 22C hunt will close in another 2 or 3 days, maybe even tomorrow. Weather forecast is for clear skies and warm temps, unbelievably. Good time for a camping trip if I didn't have to work.
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    Thanks for the update and the great photos MT. Hope you all score soon! Would like to make it there someday to hunt an ox in your neck of the woods!

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    Good luck out there Mike, wish the airfare wasn't killer to go fly up there and hunt too.
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