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Thread: Hiking and hunter traps

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    Default Hiking and hunter traps

    I was just curious have any of you hikers come across a trap / snare ? what would be the chances of that ? I figure going in the deep bush away from the commonly used trails this just might happen .

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    I've never hiked into a trap or snare, but one time i caught the ski of a snowmachine in an old snare left from years before. It stopped that snowmachine on a dime and I almost went over the handlebars. Thankfully I was going slow ! Nothing marking the snare, no orange flagging. It was a rough trail and not usually used and I was the first one down it that year.

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    I've only found snares and sets near roads or heavily used trails. Never in the backcountry.

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    I have skiied right over traps and never even knew I did it. I only found out because my tracks exposed it and the guy behind me saw where I had gone right over it.
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    You should NOT worry about Traps, You need to worry about the millions of Grizzly bears (one behind every bush) just waiting to eat you.
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    I came across some wolf snares once. They were rusty and a little grown over, so we took them down figuring that whoever set them wasn't coming back. They were in the woods maybe 50' up from a beach that was easily accessible by boat; the only trappers I knew in my area either boated in or used logging roads. I don't worry about them when hiking.
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