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    Ok... So I want to get out of town and do some predator calling. I was going to head toward Cantwell, but I don't have a dependable snow machine to get way back in there. I have one that I would only take 10 miles back. We are willing to head 3-4 hours out of Anchorage... But we don't know which way... North.. South... or East..

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    My experience on this site is that most folks won't be too quick to give up a spot for anything(except very general areas) People here worked hard to find areas and I guess it is expected that others do the same. I have yet too connect on a predator up here but I keep trying. We all know there is game afield. My only advice is to buy some gas and drive till you see a likely spot. Even if you strike out you still win, you will know not too stop there next time. Good luck too you and if you cut any lynx track. Send me a PM

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    This probably the most polite response your going to get! I would heed the advice. There are a lot of people hunting/trapping out of Anchorage but with a 10 mile snow machine and 4 hours you should be able to find somewhere with no human tracks, thats the first thing I would look for...

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    if i were you i would drive one way or the other...cantwell or glennallen...just pick in the daylight and note where you see alot of hare sign near the until dark and then make as many sets at those locations on the way back as possible...good luck
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