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    Gents /ladies a cry for a wee bit of help …all the way from Scotland …been over twice once in 2000 and again in 2003 now coming back again in 2008 ..Planning stage just about complete...Same guide as we used before …basically because he is good and always produces the goods for us on the Kenai …now become what I call a firm friend .what we need is some info who YOU would rent the RV from in Anchorage …. The company we used on the last two trips is now no longer in business …and no idea now who to book with
    We need two RV’S sleeping 4/5 adults in each RV with a rental of just under 25 days but and the big but is we need to take the hire as soon as we arrive in Anchorage …which should be around 23.50..the previous company allowed us to sleep till the next morning in the yard where we rented from …..Any rental firm you know who you would recommend

    Cheers Superscot

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    Clippership Rv they are flexable to work with and they have a few rentals that have bunk beds in the back so you can sleep more people.

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    ABC Rentals are near the airport.

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    The industry leader is Great Alaskan Holidays.

    FYI, I hold the distinction of being their most loyal repeat client. Been doing business with them since 1988!

    Just Google it!
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    big thanks for the info ..will mail them now



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