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Thread: 250 grain in 300 Win Mag

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    Default 250 grain in 300 Win Mag

    I noticed that Hodgdon appears to have recently added a 250 grain Barnes RN as a load for the 300 Win mag (

    Anybody have any experience with the 250 grain in the .300?
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    I believe that Barnes no longer makes that weight bullet, havent for a few years, but I could be wrong. I bought 100 of these 250s about 10 years ago. I havent shot anything with them, except a few targets. I loaded mine to about 2600 fps, and I bet they would do a number on a griz. Thats the only reason I bought them was for bears, most anything else I use a 180 grainer.

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    Hawk Bullets makes them just like the original Barnes. I never loaded them in a 300, but put some together for a friend's 06. His was 1:10 twist and barely stabilized them. I'd love to hear how you do with them in your 300, but I'd take a hard look at twist rate before spending the money.


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