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Thread: 30/40 Krag bullet dia?

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    Default 30/40 Krag bullet dia?

    I just wanted to check and see as my reloading manual doesn't state it, does the 30/40 Krag use .30 cal projectiles? I'm assuming so... just wanted to be sure.



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    There is an article in the current issue of Handloader magazine you should check out.
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    Is it a 30, yes and in modern times .308 diameter but as I understand it .308' may or may not be true of the very old guns that were intended for cast lead bullets.
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    All the production commercial and military .30-40s were intended for .308-.309 diam. jacketed bullets. If I recall Pope and some others did made some target rifles chambered for the .30-40 that were intended for cast bullets.

    In any even it is a good idea to slug the barrels old guns to check the diameter. In addition many of these older gun also have worn and rough bores - they may work better with .310 or .311 diam. bullets.

    Quote Originally Posted by ADfields View Post
    Is it a 30, yes and in modern times .308 diameter but as I understand it .308' may or may not be true of the very old guns that were intended for cast lead bullets.
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    My Krag is only so-so with factory jacketed loads, roughly 3-4" at 100 with open sights and old eyes. I tend to think the bore is contributing quite a bit to that group size, because it cuts groups in half to shoot .311 cast. I'm not sweating it, because for me it's mostly a 100 yard game gun that's just cool to use.

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    I never owned a Krag, and I regret not buying one of the Carbines, in the old days when they were cheap.

    The 30-40 Cartridge seems like a Natural for Cast bullets, because of the long neck.

    The Rim and the nicely tapered case, makes it very suitable for a Single Shot of some sort.

    I shoot cast bullets in my 30-30s. The 30-40 is a bit more powerful. Heavier bullets at higher velocities.

    Leastways, that's how I see it.

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    Right on all counts, Smitty. It's a dandy cast bullet round, especially with heavier ones. I managed to pick up and "NRA" sporterized carbine probably from long ago. Trimmed stock, Marble sights and an ugly ventilated recoil pad. I really enjoy its "retro" look from an earlier era in shooting, and the price was certainly right. I picked it up 3 or 4 years ago for $125 from a gun shop. I bet there are still some floating around.


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