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Thread: The sun, the sun, I saw the sun!

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    Default The sun, the sun, I saw the sun!

    Yes, got to see the whole glorious orb of the sun yesterday for the first time in a while, finally getting up high enough into the hills:

    We had trail to the base of the steeper section of this hill, daughter skijored ahead of me with one dog and I took the team of six dogs behind her. She switched from x-country skis to snowshoes to then break trail in front of all the dogs and me:

    Steeper than it looks, here's a shot looking back downhill:

    That is the section that always causes a huge pucker factor coming down <grin>. That's the river down there in the background middle left of pic.

    We had to turn around about 3/4 of the way up the hill to make it home before dark. Hardest section is done, only a dozen marten sets on this hill but it's not far from home, once trail is in you can get up and back in a few hours, 2 1/2 hours up, half hour back <grin>!

    Here's where we turned around, daughter snapped a pic of me as we were about to take her skis off the toboggan and she skied back down and I drove the team:

    Beautiful sunset, kind of a cool weather day too, was -5, balmy, and a weird layer of fog laying at about 1500', went through that then above and was neat to see it down in the valley with all the hills rising above it.

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    summer is just around the corner.............

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    I love the silence ad solitude of winter, but boy do I miss cool early morning hikes and watching the sun come up while eating breakfast in an alpine valley. This country is good in all forms.

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    Great photos and stories Mark, I am always excited to read your posts. Keep warm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snowcamoman View Post
    Great photos and stories Mark, I am always excited to read your posts. Keep warm.
    +1 and be safe!


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