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Thread: need idea for good trail/winter gun...How is the Thompson/Encore?

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    Default need idea for good trail/winter gun...How is the Thompson/Encore?

    Ok, here is my problem...i need a trail gun that will shoot varmint ammo that does not blow up fur, or has too much velocity, or has too big a bullet....on trail, means on my snow machine and the bears are not out, nor is it moose season where i live....the biggest i would do is a week hunt for caribou, rest of the time, fox, wolf, lynx, etc...

    did have a 7mm mag, but not a good selection of bullets, so i had to have 100 grain FMJ

    and still need something that will not freeze bolt action Mauser 7mm would freeze up...

    So, has anyone done alot of snow machining with a varmint rifle, be specific, that did not freeze up, etc?

    I was thinking about getting a Thompson/Encore .223 and then get the .375 barrel for spring/ these freeze up? I've heard some people say they are accurate, others said that the barrels needed to be buffed out first.....I really don't need more than a shot at a time, I usually am right on and do not get off a 'volley' of shots, maybe a 2nd one, but with all the trees we have, having a huge clip is not necessary....

    Other ideas? Dont' want to spend more than $800 for a new one...

    It just looks like a nice, heavy hammer would ALWAYS fire a single shot.. ,my pump action shot gun freezes up so easily...
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    I have an Encore and it is great to handle and shoot. I shoot it as a 50 cal muzzle loader and had a 300wm bbl for it that shot outstanding and didn't need any polishing???
    Downside is the hammer spring was a bit weak when I added a hammer extension it was a bit unreliable to fire the 300wm - without the extension it was fine.
    If I read between the lines I think you are saying the gun may be exposed a lot while you ride - if that's the case I would be a bit concerned with snow/ice building up in the exposed hammer area and IMO a bolt gun may have an advantage by being more enclosed? At least it should give you one shot.
    Straingerinastraingeland on this forum likely has about as much snowmobile experience with guns as anyone - hopefully he will read this and chime in as to how they handle their guns to prevent freezing.
    Having the 2 bbl option is a plus for sure and 223 should do the trick for what you mentioned...
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    Snowcamoman has some good knowledge of rifles in the cold, along with strangerinastrangeland. Maybe PM them if you can find em'.

    I have a savage .22-250 that will act up if oiled too much, but if kept dry and oil free, it fuctions great.

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    For getting rifles out on a snowmachine, I'd suggest making an action cover with a square of fabric and some velcro. Keeping snow and moisture out of the trigger/action would go a long way to keeping one operational.

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    For hauling around on a snow machine I would not spend the money on a T/C. You could achieve just the same with a CVA, NEF Handi etc (single shot, swappable bbls etc) for half the cost and not worry about it getting the odd knock. I bought a CVA a couple of years back just cos it was cheap, I think about $180 OTD. 30-06 stainless bull bergera bbl and is a sub MOA tack-driver.
    In anything other than a break action you are always going to compromise (IMHO) between accuracy and reliability. Reliability in extreme weather usually demands crappy tolerances (everything must fit loosely) so the crud, snow etc has room to move around! Hence why AKs etc are so darned reliable, yet accuracy is measured in minute of dinner plates.

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    I carry Winchester or Ruger bolt action rifles when I snowmachine, and I have never had one 'freeze up', but I keep mine clean and dry in the winter and carry in a gun boot.
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