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Thread: Sitkoh creek?

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    Default Sitkoh creek?

    Anyone ever fish this stream out of sitka? Wondering about the nature of the flow and stream characteristics or any other news or opinions about the area.



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    I've been there before. Cute little creek. There is a trail going the whole way up to the lake, and just about all of it is fishable and wade-able. Like anywhere in SE though, enough rain will blow it out, but the lake helps keep it in check.

    If your thinking about flying in for steelies, don't stay at the cabin(s). Most of em stay down in the lower creek, and its like 5 miles to the lower cabin. I have caught some very nice rainbows in the lake though.

    ADF&G has several reports available online that can give you an idea of peak run times for steelhead. Overall its a pretty decent run, one of the bigger ones in SE, and a neat area.
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    When I worked for the FS during the early 70s that stream was jam full of dollies. What fun we had!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sayak View Post
    When I worked for the FS during the early 70s that stream was jam full of dollies. What fun we had!
    I have been reading the reports on the stream and fish and game monitors something like 30,000 dollies coming and going during the spring. That is goofy.

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    Default yeah, I've been there too....

    yeah, I've been to Sitkoh too:

    I thought I posted on it when I went there 3 yrs ago so check my past postings. Anyway, as skookum says, it is a small creek, wadeable, and the lower 1/3 is the best fishing for bows/steelhead; but there's fish everywhere except a bedrock section somewhere in the upper half. Sitkoh lake has fish, and is quite a large lake. It is min 2.5 hr walk from the cabin to the mouth. There is good resident rainbow fishing, up to 22"; they hang out by the plentiful large wood structure in the stream and around the lake outlet; and I got fish with dry flies - which was wierd for Alaska, as well as globugs. There are zillions of tiny dollies - they took dries too. The lake has cutthroats in it.

    It has plenty of salmon of all sorts, and reportedly one of the largest runs of steelhead in the state. Based on the rainbows there (I wasn't there during steelhead season) - I believe it.

    If you are there when the fish are, expect multiple daily encounters with large grizzly bears, along with the typical bear sounds (woofs, rustling in brush, maybe a growl). They tended to be more interested in fish; didn't bother me or nothing, but kinda hard to walk around them, since the creek runs through a fairly steepsided canyon.

    I don't think it's fished that much for steelhead from the FS cabin due to the long hike (and short day to do it in), and perhaps because the lake elevation (my recollection is ~200 ft msl) can result in ice on the lake during at least the early part of the run.


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